Meeting the challenges of the new history curriculum

Very useful summary of the key implications of the new history curriculum for museums. Thanks for sharing it Marches Network.

The Marches Network

curriculum1Last week the Staffordshire Museums Network travelled to Shropshire for a meeting at the RAF Museum, Cosford. The course was fully booked with staff and volunteers from Staffordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Herefordshire attending. Delegates met to look at the new history curriculum and its implications for museum learning programmes and marketing.

The session was led by curriculum specialist Roger Emmett who guided delegates through the new content. There was also time to network and share ideas with colleagues from across the region. The day concluded with an action planning session, as attendees mapped out possible short, medium and long term developments for their sites. Some of the main points of discussion are outlined below. For more advice on the new curriculum visit The Department for Education’s website or contact your Museum Development Officer.

Key messages from the day included:curriculum2

  • The new curriculum is more moderate than the initial proposal, which sparked raging debate.
  • History will…

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