Takeover Day in Museums 2014 is Launched

The world’s only flint alphabet, Thomas Paine’s death mask and a stuffed rabbit you can stroke. Just some of the highlights the Teenage History Club at Ancient House Museum Thetford, Norfolk, pointed out on their guided tour marking the launch of Takeover Day in Museums 2014. Ancient House were winners in a nationwide competition to launch Takeover Day – picked out of over 300 museums doing Takeover last year. Over 6000 children took part in 2013.

The Teenage History Club devised and led an exclusive VIP trail around Ancient House. They were joined by celebrity best-selling children’s author Damian Dibben, Kids in Museums’ Takeover Day Ambassador and Patron, as well as the Mayor and local dignitaries.Takeover Day 2014 will take place throughout England on Friday 21 November. On this annual day, museums nationwide are taken over by children who are given meaningful, powerful and decision-making roles usually reserved for adults. From curators to café workers and pest controllers, children are in charge.Damian Dibben says, ‘I’m really proud to be Takeover Day Ambassador for Kids in Museums. Takeover is so much more than just another kids’ or teenagers’ event, it’s about really involving young people, giving them important roles and putting them in decision-making positions. It can totally change a young person’s idea on how important museums can be. When I was young, I was lucky enough to be taken to a museum every weekend – and these visits inspired me, opened up new worlds and completely shaped my life. I certainly would never have become a screenwriter or novelist without them. And I still visit a museum or gallery every week, to keep inspired!’

Find out more about Takeover Day in Museums and how your museum and organisation can take part at our website. Follow Takeover Day in Museums on Twitter at @takeovermuseums and #TakeoverDay

For enquiries, interviews and pictures email us or call 020 7250 8338.

Takeover Day in Museums works with the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day across all organisations, to better involve and empower young people.


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