AIM Campaign for Fairer Business Rates for Independents

AIM has become concerned at the wide variation and discrepancies in the way members are assessed and charged for business rates, often unfairly. Members should not be paying more than is justifiable.

Supported by the specialists at ES Group, AIM is in discussion with the Valuation Office Agency to try to negotiate a fairer and more consistent basis of valuation of museums and heritage site for Business Rates throughout England and Wales. If we are successful, then we will be able to take the discussion to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Please can you help us?

If your museum or gallery is:-

  1. A charitable trust; and
  1. Has a leasehold rather than a freehold interest in your property or properties; and/or
  1. Has taken over leasehold properties since 1st April 2000 and;
  1. Charges for admission;

We really need your input so that we can explain with examples to the Valuation Office Agency how a modern museum works in the 21st Century.


If your museum fits the bill and you are willing to have your Trust used as a case study (with appropriate safeguards to you) to assist all museums in the UK, please contact Tamalie Newbery for further details of how you can help.

This is a significant issue, and one that is likely to become more and more important for all of us and our long term sustainability, especially as discretionary rates relief for charities may be phased out by your local authority.

Matthew Tanner

Chairman, AIM


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