Creating a Heritage Fundraising Plan

I’m just back from the first Giving to Heritage training day. It’s been really useful and I now know all about how to create a fundraising plan!  We’ve captured some of what we learnt on Storify.

Giving to Heritage is a joint project between the Heritage Alliance and Institute of Fundraising to bring really high quality fundraising training to small and medium size heritage organisations, at a cost of only £20 per session. We got some great handouts including a printed version of The Good Fundraising Guide – so this course was extremely good value.

Creating a Heritage Fundraising Plan is the first of what will be 13 topics, covered in 99 training days, over the next two years. You can go to as many or few as you want. They all have a maximum of 15 participants and it was really good to ask questions, be able to discuss different people’s experience during the day. There was a great mixture of presentation, time to reflect on what you’re learning, and exercises to explore ideas in more depth in pairs and groups. There were also sweeties to keep the energy levels up!

The Institute of Fundraising trainer covered some really useful concepts and how they can be applied to fundraising. She made these easy to understand and relevant and it was good having a course that dug a bit deeper into fundraising planning than how to write a good trust funding application.

Wishing you’d been there? Don’t worry! There are 8 more courses running in June and July and all have places available. You can find out more and book at the Giving To Heritage website. 

The next dates are:

10 June 2014    Manchester
10 June 2014    Bristol
16 June 2014    Norwich
17 June 2014    Leicester
23 June 2014    York
30 June 2014    Newcastle
01 July 2014    Portsmouth
08 July 2014    Coventry
Giving to Heritage is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund Catalyst Programme. AIM is pleased to be on the steering group for the project.
If you can’t get to the courses, you might like to look at AIM’s Success Guide for Fundraising, which can be downloaded from 

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