UK’s foreign tourism spend set to increase by a third

Writing in Leisure Management, Tom Anstey reports that tourism spend in the UK is set to rise by a third over the next four years, with a 32% increase predicted in spending on leisure attractions.

AIM is working with the British Council this year to help museums develop their understanding of and appeal to visitors from Brazil, India, China and Russia, through an Arts Council funded project.

The report by Barclays says that whilst the USA, France and Germany remain important it is newer markets that are predicted to drive much of this growth, particularly visitors from UAE, Russia and China. Chinese visitors spending is predicted to rise 84% from 2013 levels during the period.

Growth in the South West will be particularly high. Bath, Bristol and Cornwall will be popular destinations for Chinese visitors.

You can read the full article here: Leisure Management – UK’s foreign tourism spend set to increase by a third up to 2017 ….

Update 9.5.14.: Thanks to Heritage Alliance for pointing out some good graphics on 2013 tourism stats in their latest newsletter as well as the link to the full Office of National Statistics report on Tourism in 2013:

You can view the Travel Trends 2013: Key findings document alongside an infographic showing the number of visits to the UK by country of residence and spending in 2013 on the Office for National Statistics website.


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