Museum and Creative Industries Toolkit published by Northern Ireland Museums Council

NIMC has recently published a toolkit for Museums to help them work with the Creative Industries.

Museums and creative businesses are increasingly working together in Northern Ireland today, as the creative industries grow and museums get more ambitious.

Museums are commissioning artists and makers to help reinterpret their collection and using digital media developers to produce audio guides and apps.

Meanwhile, creative businesses are buying services from museums: film companies are using museums as locations and designers are drawing on museum collections for inspiration.

And creative businesses and museums are collaborating, for example using museums as venues for performances or jointly developing new products.

But there is more that could be done. We know that museums want to commission more projects from the creative industries to bring their collections to life, and we know that more creative businesses would like to be able to draw on the unique resources that museums have to offer. NIMC wants to help these relationships to grow and prosper.

We have developed a series of ‘how-to’ guidance sheets to help museums and creative businesses work together successfully. From developing ideas, through to finding partners and building relationships, to overcoming practical and contractual hurdles, these guidance sheets will make it easier for museums and creative businesses to work together.

There are four guidance sheets available, as well as some case studies.

1. Getting Started for Artists and Creative Businesses

2. Getting Started for Museums

3. Developing Projects between Creative Industries and Museums

4. Managing Relationships between Creative Industries and Museum

Museum and Creative Industries Toolkit – Northern Ireland Museums Council.


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