Misconceptions Held by Museum Professionals – #throwbackthursday

There are some great reminders about visitor experience and visitor research in this blog reposted from musdigi.wordpress.com AIM’s Visitor Verdict can provide great visitor research insights with minimal investment of time and no cost – find out more at http://www.AIMVisitorVerdict.com

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As part of a general clean out of my doctoral readings I came across some gems that were too good to throw out (i.e. recycle!) so I thought I’d start my own #throwbackthursday thread summarising some of my favourites and reflecting on what they mean for today’s museums.

The one I’m starting with is by the classic (and highly influential) audience researcher, Molly Hood, who’s work especially around leisure and why people choose to visit museums influenced a whole lot of museum evaluators. This paper, Misconceptions Held by Museum Professionalswas published in Visitor Behaviour, 1991, Volume VI, No. 1, pp 4-5. Enjoy!

1. People who come to the museum will be seduced into returning: Hundreds of people have come once and never again because of a range of reasons!
2. If we get schoolchildren into the museum early in life, they will be devoted visitors for the…

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