A Distributed National Collection for England?

Nick Poole, CEO of Collections Trust, has posted some thoughtful and thought-provoking blogs in the past few months. Here we round up three that we liked best.

Most recently he has suggested that the time may have come to consider a Distributed National Collection for England in a blog, One Collection to Unite Them All. The Welsh Distributed National Collection is already a centre piece of the National Museum Strategy for Wales. Being able to hold a part of a distributed national collection could help AIM members all over the country be better recognised (especially by those outside the museums sector) for their role in both preserving our heritage in all its richness and diversity and in ensuring that where ever you live, you are within reach of and can access that heritage for learning and enjoyment.

If you like that, you may also find Nick’s Poole’s blog about 10 Lessons for Museums from HS2 is thought provoking, as is his blog from last year about why We Don’t Need a Debate, We Need a Plan.

You can find all the Collections Trust blogs here: http://www.collectionslink.org.uk/blog 


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