New Collections Trust blogs on ‘Going Digital’

Collections Trust has just published the first in a new series of blog posts about ‘Going Digital’ – the Collections Trust’s programme to support museums in making the most of technology. In this first post they look at the question, ‘Who does ‘digital’ in a museum?’.

At the heart of every organisation is its people. People bring skills, attitudes, knowledge and enthusiasm to their work, without which museums couldn’t achieve any of the things they do. So it seems right to begin our exploration of ‘Going Digital’ in museums by thinking about the people involved – who, exactly, does ‘digital’ in a museum? What skills does the museum need to have access to in order to make the most of the opportunities of technology, while avoiding the risks?

At the Collections Trust, we think very hard about the people we’re aiming to serve. As part of the planning of the ‘Going Digital’ programme, we’ve been thinking about the different roles within the museum and how they can help or hinder the adoption of new ideas and new technologies.

They go on to talk about the many different ways in which digital comes into a museums activity and the different roles involved – leaders, innovators digitally engaged practitioners, non-digital practitioners, commissioners and providers.

Read more here: Going Digital Part 1: Digital People.


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