What are you doing for Volunteers’ Week? 1-7th June 2014

Volunteers are vital to museums. Almost all AIM members have dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who are vital to the organisation’s success and sustainability. About a third of our members are entirely run by volunteers. So Volunteers’ Week seems a great opportunity to highlight their vital role in looking after our country’s amazing and diverse heritage, whilst saying a huge THANK YOU to each and every volunteer who helps their local museum.

Volunteers’ Week is a national event, now in its 30th year. This year it will be from 1-7th June 2014. They produce a large range of resources to help you celebrate Volunteers’ Week and spark your ideas about how to do it. You can sign up to receive the resource pack and email updates here.

Here’s a taste of what you will get in your resource pack:

This year is the 30th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week and it’s time to celebrate!

What’s it all about? During Volunteers’ Week hundreds of events will be taking place across the country to say thank you to volunteers, recognising the important contribution they make. Please join us in saying thank you to the volunteers who make our society a better place, and in highlighting the many different ways that people can get involved.

Celebrating 30 Years This year also marks the 30 years since the campaign was established in 1984. To recognise the 30th anniversary we are using the number 30 as a hook and theme for the week.

Be creative with the number and your activity ideas. Recognise the contribution your volunteers make, whether it’s 30 seconds, 30 minutes, 30 hours, 30 days or even 30 years

Offer 30 minute taster sessions – this will provide an opportunity for people to try out volunteering for the first time, or existing volunteers might want to try a different role.

Run activities using the 30 theme.

Hold a 30th birthday party for your organisation if you are 30 this year. Use the 30 years badge.

Hold an awards ceremony for your volunteers

If you are about to start a new volunteering project, launch it during Volunteers’ Week.

Hold a recruitment event – Volunteers’ Week is a good time to generate interest in volunteering, highlight the benefits and show how your volunteers help you to achieve your mission.

Running events in new locations might help to attract people who wouldn’t usually hear about your organisation or volunteer for you.

The sign-up pack includes links to all sorts of other resources including:

  • Micro-volunteering guidance
  • An event flyer template
  • A 30 year badge to use on your materials
  • A certificate template for volunteer awards
  • A template letter and 5 tips for inviting your MP
  • Volunteers’ Week logos
  • Press release template
  • A volunteer map where you can record your event

The contact details for more information are:


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