One Direction urge fans to lobby George Osborne – lessons for museums?

This article from the Independent is in the ‘ones to think about’ category. It provides an insight into the strong desire to make a difference amongst some young people and the very different ways being used to encourage and reward their participation in a cause.

One Direction have offered fans reward points for different actions they take from emailing a standard letter to an MP to writing their own letter, in support of the cause. The points can then be used to enter draws for free tickets for One Direction and other concerts.

This links to our previous blog about Zoos and CharityWater which talks about giving more opportunities to visitors to show that they are also supporters and that young people are as likely to want to raise money for you as to just donate it. It also links to the crowd-funding methodology where rewards are a key part of how giving is encouraged.

We’d really like to hear from museums who are successfully engaging with large groups of young people and how they are doing it. Please comment or get in touch.

One Direction urge fans to lobby George Osborne about corporate tax avoidance – News – Music – The Independent.


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