Interview about Gift Aid with Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Nicky Morgan

On 26th February, Third Sector reports that “HM Revenue & Customs has received something of a pasting from the Public Accounts Committee for its handling of charitable tax relief. The committee has made no less than six recommendations for HMRC to improve the way it handles Gift Aid and prevents fraudulent claims.”

Third Sector have printed an interview with Nicky Morgan, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, who has responsibility for HMRC’s charity policies. The article says she seems unfazed by the criticisms. “We are committed to Gift Aid,” she says. “It’s worth an awful lot to charities. The committee has recommended that we simplify the rules on abuse but also that we make it easier for charities to claim Gift Aid. We have almost doubled the number of people looking at charitable tax reliefs from 50 to 95, and they found £15m of fraudulent claims in 2013. From conversations I’ve had with charities so far, they want us to make it easier to get Gift Aid. We’re on the same page as the committee.”

To read more: Interview: Nicky Morgan | Third Sector.

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