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Biffa Award has pledged £1.5m over three years to AIM for the National Heritage Landmarks Partnership Scheme. Annual awards are allocated to projects that help transform derelict buildings and sites into inspirational resources that tell the stories of people, processes, industrial development and change.

The Scheme will create a high profile network of interpretation and education projects across the UK that will showcase the far-reaching changes in industrial development that have shaped our nation’s history. Commenting on the latest round of awards, Sir Neil Cossons, Chairman of the Advisory Panel, said: “The second round of this three-year award scheme, like the first, resulted in applications of the highest quality and has again demonstrated the significance of Britain’s outstanding industrial heritage. All four grants have been awarded to sites of national importance and will enable them to enhance access for the public and improve interpretation”.

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust: £120,000: Establishing a free-to-enter Discovery Centre within the Wheelwrights’ Shop creating a sense of arrival, orientation and initial interpretation to the tentative World Heritage Site of Chatham Dockyard and its Defences.

The Arkwright Society, Sir Richard Arkwight’s Cromford Mills, Derbyshire: £115,000: This project will provide public access to, and interpretation of Sir Richard Arkwright’s First Mill, recognised as the birthplace of the factory system. It will provide a discrete audio visual experience which will enhance the new World Heritage Site Gateway which is currently being developed at Cromford Mills.

Brunel Museum: £122,000: Restoring public access to Marc Brunel’s entrance shaft at Rotherhithe which made the first Thames Tunnel possible and to provide interpretation of its significance in industrial history.

Underfall Yard Trust: £122,000: Repairing, conserving, interpreting and providing public access to the working Victorian Hydraulic Pump House with original pumps and accumulators in Bristol’s Underfall Yard, showcasing the revolutionary technology of hydraulic power.


AIM announces £479K grants for National Heritage Landmarks

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