A donation box that gives something back

Donation box at DCAGiven that nearly 40% of AIM members don’t charge for admission, we thought you might be interested in this article from Creative Review about an interactive donations box created by Uniform for Dundee Contemporary Arts.

There’s also mention of the Science Museum’s new, award-winning ‘Fundraiser Desk’, which has increased donations by 80% and guide book sales by 67%.

Dundee Arts Centre were disappointed with the level of donations they were receiving from visitors to their free venue. However, on comparing themselves with others, they found the donation level was pretty typical. Their current donation box was well located but visitors were choosing not to give. Interviews with visitors showed that donating just wasn’t a priority for them – they presumed that if the doors were open then the organisation must already have the funding it needs.

They decided they needed to try something new. As a result they have created an interactive donation box, which gives something back (through changes in colour) every time a coin is donated and which unlocks a secret game for visitors whose donations create a particular type of colour combination.

Pete Thomas, Futures Director at Uniform, explains “When money is dropped into it, a laser is broken, the pixel changes colour and message box flashes up a ‘thank you’ for in the same colour for a few seconds. The pixels will stay on this new colour until a new player changes them.”

Thanks to Arts Professional who first brought this article to our attention.


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