Thoughts on Fundraising from Museum 2.0

This is a great article about fundraising and how, in this case, zoos should do more to give their visitors the chance to give. Museum 2.0: Do You Empower People to Take Action? Thoughts on Zoos and Charity:Water.

I particularly like the example of – one of the best websites for fundraising I’ve seen. Its home page has fantastic calls to action to get people giving alongside the evidence of the difference gifts will make.

Research in the USA has shown the under 40 age group are particularly keen to see evidence of the impact of their donations (or their fundraising efforts on a charity’s behalf) which is something museums need to consider if we’re to foster the next generation of donors.  The Charity:Water website addresses this issue really well.


One thought on “Thoughts on Fundraising from Museum 2.0

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